Say Goodbye to the Clutter
Of Excel Sheets & Inaccurate Employee Tax Calculations.

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Payroll Processing with ConfluxHR is Accurate and Thorough. Our Payroll Management Module has you covered for any aspect of the payroll cycle.

We give you complete control over your payroll process rather than just individual steps.

Customizable Pay Grades

Customizable Payroll Engine

Countless Salary Component Addition

FnF Settlement Capabilities

Bring in Automatic Paycheck Generation
And Experience a Stress-free Payroll Cycle

TDS Compliant Payroll Processing
With Just a Single Click!

Our Payroll Software Solution is clearly in the lead in Payroll Management, outpacing everyone else in the field.

Let’s examine the characteristics that make ConfluxHR the sole platform you should consider using for payroll processing.

  • Payslips Generation
  • PF, ESI Challan Sheet Generation
  • Automated PT Generation
  • Statutory Compliance Management & Reports
tds payroll
Tax Compliance

Prepare and Prevent
Employee Tax Compliance Errors

Entrust our Payroll management System with the entire task to relieve yourself of the burden.

With the help of our HRM solution, you can do the following:

  • Generate PF & ESI Computations and Challan Sheets
  • Generate PT Complying with All State-specific Rules
  • Generate Comprehensive TDS Calculations and eTDS Returns
  • Generate Bonus Calculations and Reporting
  • Integrate Bank Transfer Service with Payroll Platform
  • Generate a Smooth Payday

Lead the Game in Payroll Processing,
With Just a Few Clicks!

You now have the most significant, complete HR Platform working for you, thanks to our payroll management solution. It aids in enhancing employee retention through increased satisfaction. In addition, to top it all off, it creates a strong employer brand identity.

ConfluxHR is built on these four pillars of success!

  • Speed
  • Trust
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
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Seamless Employee Experience Management
With ConfluxHR Employee Portal

Seamless Employee Experience Management

On signing up with us, you get the following benefits and cut down administrative work by over 70%:

  • Claims for Reimbursement
  • Automatic Policy Enforcement
  • Online Platforms for Efficient Operations
  • View Payroll Data to Increase Transparency and Reduce Inquiries
  • Improve Employee Servicing using Workflows and a Help Desk
  • Provide Flexi-benefits
  • Calculators for IT
  • Performance Reports & Analytics for Quick Salary Statement

Our Software Solution Offers Relevant Payroll Statistics
That Support You In Making Prompt and Precise Decisions

Reports on Reconciliation and MIS

Reports to Comply With The Law

Create Payroll Statement

Advance Through
Time-consuming Payroll Processes

And Have It Processed Automatically!

Our Payroll Management Module is the Fortune Your Business Seeks!

  • Generate PF & ESI Challan Sheets
  • Generate State-wise Compliant Professional Tax
  • Automatically Calculate TDS for Unlimited Employees
  • Generate Payroll for Unlimited Employees
Time-consuming Payroll Processes

A Flexible Plan
That Grows With You

ConfluxHR enables you to manage your human resource more economically. Our Freemium Plan is equivalent to purchasing a premium package for start-ups, SMEs, and SMBs.

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Do You Wish to Know How ConfluxHR Can Help Streamline Your Business?

Make The Most of Automated Payroll Processing and TDS Calculation Capabilities of ConfluxHR

Here you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to operate the ConfluxHR Payroll Management Module.
For more details, Visit Our Brief Guide to efficient Payroll management; to further understand our Payroll management module.

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