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We, at ConfluxHR work with a simple mission - Help mid-sized companies build a more efficient workspace.

A majority of professionals in the world work with mid-sized companies. This is a big reason these companies should aim to adopt a robust HR platform that helps them with their unique objectives and everyday workplace challenges. 

We empower the HR professionals with technology and support, which are the two pivotal assets needed to boost employee and business performance. With our modern HR solution, we strongly believe we can help you:

  • Cut Expensive Errors
  • Reduce Time Consumption
  • Build a Productive Company Culture


ConfluxHR is an all-in-one HR suite, featuring intuitive functionalities that help in saving time and boosting workplace productivity.

Using this smart HRMS, you can effortlessly and seamlessly:

  • Conduct and Manage Recruitment Processes
  • Track & Manage Employee Attendance & Leaves
  • Process Payroll
  • Track & Manage Employee Performance
  • Schedule & Manage Training & Development
  • Manage Exit Processes


We aim at setting people free to do more wonderful work!

A company’s people are its key to achieving revolutions. Empowering your organization with the right HR landscape will ultimately lead to great company policies, practices, and culture. Giving the power to your people to help themselves will also make them feel more capable and valued, boosting their enthusiasm and zeal.

  • ConfluxHR is Designed to Give Value to Your Simple Human Assets.
  • ConfluxHR is Designed to Create This Difference


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As we have revolutionized the HR landscape with ConfluxHR, we have also managed to add value to various organizations. We are not saying any of it, but our clients definitely are!

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