Finding the right talent can be challenging; but what can make it more difficult is an inconsistent and slow recruitment process.
Confluxhr adds the modern touch to your recruitment, empowering you to hire better and faster.


Add Candidates

Add fresh candidates for assessment.


Manage Skillsets

Add skillsets of the candidate.

Manage functional areas

Add key functional area of the candidate.

Screening Referrer

If the candidate has been referred by an existing employee, add referred.

Screening test type

Add test type of the candidate.

Schedule Interview

Schedule the interview date of the candidate. As soon as the interview has been scheduled, both the candidate as well as the interviewer will be notified by mail.

Interview Calendar

The interviewer can view the interview calendar that shows the interview date, the CV of the candidate, and the evaluation form.

Evaluation Form

The interviewer can fill in the evaluation form and submit at the end of the candidate interview/assessment process.

Take advantage of a paperless and time-efficient recruitment process.