Bring Simplicity, Speed, and Efficiency
To All of Your Repetitive Recruitment Processes

Recruitment Management System

A recruitment management system provides an all-in-one experience that includes reporting, and hiring, among other features. You can also automate it to streamline the process, readily identify where each candidate is in the process, and rapidly access their data using extensive search options.

Automate the Hiring Procedures

Optimal Applicant Tracking Capabilities

Drive Organizational Change with the HR

ConfluxHR Offers a Cloud-based Recruitment Management System
That Automates Your Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment management solution gives your hiring a contemporary edge with an Advanced Applicant Tracking System,
enabling you to make better hires more quickly.

Automate Your Recruitment Procedures,
Including the Following:

  • Upload Applicant Data
  • Examine Applicant Resumes
  • Seamless Background Screening Capability
Recruitment Procedures
Applicant Interview Calendar

Get Started With Applicant Tracking
With Just a Single Click!

  • Setup, Schedule and Manage Applicant Interviews
  • Maintain Applicant Interview Calendar
  • Manage Skill Sets of Candidates

Claim Your Strategy to Hire the Best Candidate!

ConfluxHR makes it extremely simple for organizations to Track Applicant Data
while allowing you to monitor the key functional areas of on boarded workers.

Manage Candidate Key Functional Areas

Generate Candidate/Interview Evaluation Forms

Seamlessly Store and Filter Through Applicant Database, etc

Interview Evaluation Forms

Do You Wish to Know How ConfluxHR Can Help Streamline Your Business?

Make The Most of Automated Recruitment Management Capabilities of ConfluxHR

Here you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to operate the ConfluxHR Recruitment Management Module.
For more details, Visit Our Brief Guide to efficient Recruitment management; to further understand our Recruitment management module.

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