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& Ensure TDS Compliance for Multiple Clients.

Are You Facing Issues With TDS Calculation & Employee Tax Reporting For Multiple Clients?

Onboard your clients with us and reap the benefits of the following:
  • Advance Employee Tax Calculation
  • Digital Declaration of Employees' Investments
  • Systematic Presentation of Employee Tax Details and So on..
Start a new fiscal year with a new HRMS to manage multiple clients with just a few clicks!

TDS Calculation Made Hassle-free for Chartered Accountants
With ConfluxHR’s Digital TDS Calculator

Chartered accountants and tax advisors play significant roles in ensuring that tax laws are followed for various clients. To provide you with an error-free TDS calculation process, we have developed a solution that automates the generation of PF, PT, and ESI challan.

Data Collection & Interpretation Challenges
Faced By Chartered Accountants

ConfluxHR eliminates a plethora of issues faced by the modern day CA who manages a variety of clients. A few of them are listed below:

When you consider data collected from several clients and a diverse cadre of personnel operating at various levels, it becomes difficult to process TDS.

Statutory compliance may vary from time to time, making it a nightmare for Chartered accountants to make manual modifications following employment tax legislation.

Creating audit reports for large amounts of data is a difficult undertaking.


Introducing ConfluxHR Digital TDS Calculator
For Chartered Accountants

ConfluxHR assists chartered accountants like you, in successfully integrating software solutions for your clients.
It also streamlines their tax administration & employee lifecycle management processes.

Ensure Accurate TDS Management
For Multiple Clients With ConfluxHR

Our SaaS solution uses cutting-edge technology to generate payrolls and quickly handle TDS & other regulatory compliance!

  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Digital Form 12B Collection
  • Digital Declaration of Investments
  • Advance Employee Tax Calculation

This feature enables your employee to upload all personal, bank information, salary information, and compliance-related data to the ConfluxHR portal.

Your HR manager can monitor the activities of any employee’s life cycle using search capabilities to identify and update personnel information fast.

Our HRMS portal enables you to configure the salary structure for individual employees and automatically generates the basic HRA and other deductions.

Our solution also offers the flexibility to add unlimited salary components with employee investment details.

Record reimbursement of expenses or any other bills.

ConfluxHR computes individual employees’ income tax details automatically. After the fiscal year has ended, FORM 16 can be generated.

Systematic bookkeeping options provide easy access to individual employee tax information, making the CA’s work easy.


  • TDS Payable
  • Provident Fund Payable
  • ESI Payable
  • Profession Tax Payable

File Following

  • TDS Salary
  • Provident Fund

ConfluxHR Provides All Round Service
For The Chartered Accountant, The Employee, and The HR Manager

For Your Employee

  • Update Investment Declarations
  • Generate Payslips With a Single Click
  • Seamless TDS Management
  • Performance Reviews and Appraisal
  • Stay Updated With Policies

For the CA

  • Error-free Employee Tax Calculation
  • Systematic Records
    for Individual Employees
  • Single Click Processes
  • Data Consolidation Capabilities

For Your HR Manager

  • Employee Development and Training
  • Employee Benefit Management
  • Applicant Tracking (ATS) and Recruitment
  • Payroll and Leave Management
  • Regulation and Policy Compliance

Pricing That Scales With Your Business

Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs, Not the Other Way Around

Less Than


Per Employee/Day

*No Minimum Employee
*Billed Annually

Advantages of
Enrolling Your Client With Us:
  • Employee Self Service
  • Advance TDS Calculation
  • Automatic Payroll Generation
  • Maintain Statutory Compliance
  • Payroll and Tax Report Generation
  • Generate ESI, PF, and PT Challan Sheets
  • Multiple Client Management Capabilities

Observe Increased Efficiency in Your Output
When You Onboard Your Clients With Us!

You can be confident and stress-free with ConfluxHR. Our SaaS-based system guarantees your clients fulfill their Challan Sheet Generation, allowing you to file their organization’s employee taxes conveniently.

Furthermore, you will gain the financial benefits of becoming our partner upon successfully subscribing your client with us.

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