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What does ConfluxHR do?

ConfluxHR aims to help firms manage their human resources more effectively. Our powerful HRMS automates time-consuming core HR tasks, giving HR more time to focus on organizational development.

What are the key features of ConfluxHR?

The primary features of ConfluxHR include the following:
• Recruitment and Onboarding Management
•Leave Management
• Attendance Management
• Payroll Management
• Learning & Development
• Performance Management
• Exit Process Management

Who can use ConfluxHR?

Our HRMS product can be used in a varied range of sectors. ConfluxHR’s primary goal is staff management, hence it is best suited for startups, SMEs, and SMBs.

What is the set up process like?

Setting up ConfluxHR for your firm is simple and quick. The setup process is as simple as inputting your pre-requisite data and getting on your feet. We will walk you through the implementation process, demonstrating how the system operates in real time.
We also guarantee a zero-cost implementation policy for ConfluxHR HRMS.

Do you provide support to your customer?

All of our clients receive dedicated customer service. You may either email us your question or use the online form to schedule a consultation.

Can I talk to a live person?

We will gladly assist you over the phone. You can request a consultation on our webpage, and we will gladly assist you as quickly as possible.

How does ConfluxHR make employee self-sufficient

Your employees can check their leave balance, apply for leaves, and have their leaves authorized all from the comfort of their chairs, thanks to ConfluxHR. They can also appear surveys and check scheduled training parts. HR can effortlessly recruit new employees, plan training sessions, manage payrolls, and manage the leaving process. Managers or team leaders can also quickly assess the performance of their subordinates.

Why Are You Providing Leave, Attendance, and Payroll Services for Free?

We provide a Freemium service. Only a tiny portion of our services are available for free. You will, however, have to pay for an upgrade. After purchasing the service subscription, you will gain access to a version of our software with additional features.

Is My Employee Data Safe?

ConfluxHR enables the secure and efficient storing of employee data. An HR professional may effortlessly process employee information on the system using our HRMS platform, saving time on paperwork. Furthermore, the software system provides an effective means of storing and retrieving employee data as needed.

Is ConfluxHR’s HRMS Platform Customizable According to My Needs?

Yes, ConfluxHR’s HRMS platform is customizable. You can contact us to raise a ticket while requesting for customization. We will call you back once we have thoroughly reviewed your requirements.

Is There Any Additional Implementation Charge for the Product?

Our HRMS Product has a ‘0 Implementation fee’ Policy!

Is There A Discount On The Pricing Per Employee in Case Our Employee Size Exceeds 200?

For up to 200 employees, the cost of managing an employee is as little as INR 50 per month. However, we provide bulk discounts to enterprise customers with a large employee base. Contact ConfluxHR for a quote tailored to your company!

What If I Have Been Billed for 50 Employees, and Some Employees Decide to Resign the Very Next Month?

Billing will take place on a pro-rata basis. If you choose a yearly subscription, you will only be charged for the number of employees your company has during the billing month.
No refunds will be initiated for your employees who depart after a month of utilising the HRMS. However, if the same number of employees join the organisation, you can change them without incurring additional costs. However, if the number of employees exceeds the initial strength of your firm, we will charge you for the additional employees only.

Does ConfluxHR help in recruitment?

Yes, ConfluxHR helps profoundly in the recruitment process. The HR/admin can add fresh candidates for assessment, along with their skillsets, functional areas, and test type. S/he can also schedule the interview for the candidate right on the system. The interviewer can view the interview calendar that shows the interview date, the CV of the candidate, and the evaluation form. The interviewer can fill in the evaluation form and submit at the end of the candidate interview/assessment process.

Why is the Recruitment Module Paid, When We Are Recruiting Employees Only Once?

The hiring of a new employee is a one-time event. On the other hand, the compliance requirements associated with effective recruitment and onboarding management must be in effect for a long time. The data management of the shortlisted candidates is crucial for effective recruitment and onboarding management. As a result, our freemium product’s recruitment management feature is a paid feature.

Does ConfluxHR help in Payroll?

Yes, ConfluxHR can assist you with payroll management. It may simplify payroll processing by providing smooth data flow and comprehensive payroll reporting. ConfluxHR can calculate your taxes and generate state taxes for you every time you run a payroll. You can also generate and download payroll reports to evaluate payroll history, tax payments, bank transactions, and other information.
Furthermore, automatic biometric integration for employee attendance might aid in smooth attendance monitoring as and when the payroll is processed.

Is the PF and ESI Challan Generation Automated in the HRMS?

ConfluxHR automates the generation of PF and ESI Challans. Whether you operate in one or multiple states, all calculations and deductions related to employee salary generation follow statutory authorities such as Provident Fund, ESI, Income Tax, etc.

ConfluxHR assures 100% accuracy of deductions and contributions and timely submission, subject to the most current Taxation Act rules and regulations.

Does ConfluxHR help in managing leave and attendance?

Yes, ConfluxHR helps in managing leaves and attendance effortlessly. The HR can check the attendance list in just one click, record everyday employee attendance, and generate final attendance of each employee during payroll processing.
The employees can check their approved leaves and list of holidays. They can check all the leave types and the number of leaves available in each type. They can know their present leave balance and check their leave applications (approved & pending). The managers/admins/team leads can also check the leaves applied by their team members/subordinates.

Does an Automated Support for Special Leaves Exist?

Based on the gender credentials provided, ConfluxHR’s HRMS Platform determines an employee’s gender, further which our algorithm utilizes this information to assign leaves.
A male employee, for example, will not be able to see the maternity leave option. On the other hand, a female employee cannot request paternity leave.

Is the Leave Carry-forward Automated?

Carry Forward is a notion in which unutilized leaves in an employee’s leave bucket are carried forward to the following year, and the employee can use them.

Any pending leave from the previous month/fiscal year is automatically carried forward by ConfluxHR’s algorithm. Manual carry-over of the leave bucket is not necessary.

Can We Integrate Multiple Attendance Management Systems through the software?

ConfluxHR offers three attendance management options:

  • Manual: The HR department manages attendance manually using HRMS
  • Biometric: Automatic Timesheet Logging Using Fingerprint scanner/Facial recognition etc
  • Self Check In – Check Out: Employees can self-register their entry, exit, and break times using the HRMS Platform.

You will, however, only be able to choose one of the three. A combination of the three isn’t permitted.

Is the Biometric Integration Free-For-Use?

There is a “0 implementation cost” program for our HRMS product.

However, the API provider for automated biometric attendance management, on the other hand, charges a nominal fee for their integration services. The prices you pay are only for using the third-party biometric access system.

Does ConfluxHR help in employee learning and development?

HR can determine the topics you can train on for each department or company. S/he can also submit a request to the team leads/managers/department heads to suggest training pieces for their specific team/department, as well as the importance of each training. HR can organize, schedule, and manage all training sessions in one location. Following a thorough course, attendees can provide feedback and score the trainer as well as the efficiency of the session.

Does ConfluxHR help in employee performance management?

Yes, with ConfluxHR, you can better manage the performance of your team. The team leads/managers/department heads can set key responsibilities and goals for their team members and assess their performance.

Does ConfluxHR help in employee exit management?

Yes, ConfluxHR can facilitate a simple and seamless employee leave procedure. Employees onboarded to ConfluxHR can apply for resignation in minutes. When an employee submits a resignation request, the appropriate reporting manager and HR are immediately alerted. They can then meet with the employee in question one-on-one. These pre-defined questions can be saved in the system, and the employee’s responses can be saved for future reference. The affected employee will be given a full KT form, which must be completed and sent to the appropriate reporting management for verification.
The HR administrator can also use ConfluxHR to store, manage, and handle all voluntary resignations and terminations in one spot.


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