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ConfluxHR is aimed at empowering organizations to manage their human assets in a better and more efficient manner.

The primary features of ConfluxHR include:
• Recruitment
• Performance management
• Payroll management
• Attendance management
• Leave management
• Learning & development
• Exit process

Any kind of organization, working in any industry can use ConfluxHR to manage their people asset. This HRMS is highly suitable for small to mid-size companies.

Having a dedicated HRMS for your organization can help you in recruiting new employees effortlessly. It can help the HR/admin process payrolls in an automated and paperless manner, manage attendance and leaves, schedule trainings, and manage the complete employee exit process. It can help the employees download their payslips, check their total leaves and holiday list, apply leaves and get them approved, appear surveys, and check scheduled trainings. With Conflux, the team leads/managers can also track the performance of their subordinates, approve/disapprove leaves, and help manage the exit process of their team members.

Setting up ConfluxHR for your organization is super easy and time efficient. The entire setup process is as effortless as just importing your necessary data and getting on the toes. We will guide you through the whole implementation process, showing you how the system works in real-time.

Yes, ConfluxHR can help you with seamless payroll management. It can help you run your payroll easily and quickly, offering seamless data flow and comprehensive payroll reporting. Conflux would calculate your tax automatically and generate state taxes, every time you run your payroll. You can run payrolls as many times as you want and there is no limit. You can also seamlessly generate and download payroll reports to assess payroll history, tax payments, bank transactions, and more.

Absolutely yes. We provide dedicated customer support to all our clients. You can either mail us your query or fill up the form on the website and book a consultation.

Yes, you can easily get in touch with us, and we will be happy to assist you over a call. You can book a consultation on our website, and we will be happy to assist you within the soonest possible time.

Yes, ConfluxHR helps in managing leaves and attendance effortlessly. The HR can check the attendance list in just one click, record everyday employee attendance, and generate final attendance of each employee during payroll processing.
The employees can check their approved leaves and list of holidays. They can check all the leave types and the number of leaves available in each type. They can know their present leave balance and check their leave applications (approved & pending). The managers/admins/team leads can also check the leaves applied by their team members/subordinates.

Yes, ConfluxHR helps profoundly in the recruitment process. The HR/admin can add fresh candidates for assessment, along with their skillsets, functional areas, and test type. S/he can also schedule the interview for the candidate right on the system. The interviewer can view the interview calendar that shows the interview date, the CV of the candidate, and the evaluation form. The interviewer can fill in the evaluation form and submit at the end of the candidate interview/assessment process.

Yes, with ConfluxHR, you can better manage the performance of your team. The team leads/managers/department heads can set key responsibilities and goals for their team members and assess their performance.

Yes, ConfluxHR can promote an easy and seamless employee exit process. Onboard Conflux, employees can apply for resignation in just minutes. Once an employee applies resignation, the concerned reporting manager and the HR will get notified instantly. They can then have a one-on-one session with the concerned employee. These pre-defined set of questions can be stored in the system and the feedback of the employee can be noted for future reference. The concerned employee will receive a comprehensive KT form that needs to be filled in and sent to the concerned reporting manager for verification.
With Conflux, the HR admin can also store, manage, and process all the voluntary resignations and terminations at one place.

The HR can specify the topics on which trainings can be conducted for each department or the entire organization. S/he can also send a request to the team leads/managers/department heads to suggest trainings that need to be conducted for their individual team/department and the priority of each training. The HR can plan, schedule, and manage all the training sessions at a single place. After a particular training has been conducted, the attendees can give their feedback and rate the trainer as well as the effectiveness of the session.

With ConfluxHR at their fingertips, your employees can check their leave balance, apply leaves, and get their leaves approved, all by themselves, right from their seat. They can also appear surveys and check scheduled trainings. The HR can recruit new employees, schedule training sessions, manage payrolls, and manage the exit process effortlessly. The managers or team leads can also measure the performance of their subordinates seamlessly.

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