Help Your Employees to Help Yourself
Using Our Employee Self-service Module

Allow your employees to upload, maintain, and verify their personal information, tax information, pay slips, and other documents.
Enable seamless employee data management and offer an outstanding employee experience to your staff.


Let Your Employee Paint the Picture
While You Collect All Necessary Employee Data

The employee self-service module enables your staff to undertake a variety of tasks. It also serves well as a notice board, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It allows your personnel to perform the following functions:

  • Mark Attendance Digitally
  • Access Payslips, IT Forms and Others
  • Submit Proof of Investments
  • View Holiday Calendar, Apply for Leave, & Check Attendance
  • View/download Company Policies and Documents
  • Easy Reimbursement Claims Submission Process

Cut Down on Repetitive Manual Processes;
Cost-savings Will Follow With ESS

Manual, repetitive documentation labour frequently strips away the time and resources of an HR department. Our ESS module saves valuable hours and effort by quickly completing all standard HR tasks.

With ConfluxHR’s Employee Self-service Module, you can do the following with just a single click:

  • Collect Onboarding Documents & Investment Declaration
  • Update Employee Information Without HR Intervention
  • Streamline Workflows Between Employees and Managers
  • Standardize Processes and Policy Enforcement
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Put Your Employees in the Driver’s Seat
& Open Doors to Seamless Employee Experience

With employee self-service capabilities, your employees can submit their details, apply for leave, log time and do a host of other actions. ConfluxHR’s employee self-service module enables you to do the following:

  • Increase Transparency
  • Improve Communication
  • Enable Remote Access
  • Ensure Employee Engagement

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