In an organization, constant learning and development is important at departmental as well as individual level.
Confluxhr can help you plan, schedule, conduct, manage, and measure all the training sessions of your organization at just one place.


Training Topics Department Wise

The HR can specify the topics on which trainings can be conducted for each department.

Training Topic Organization

The HR can specify the common topics on which trainings need to be conducted for the entire organization.

Department Training Request

The HR can send a request to the team leads/managers/department heads to suggest trainings that need to be conducted for their individual team/department and the priority of each training.

Organize Training

The HR can plan, schedule, and organize training sessions that are common to all the departments of an organization.

Manage Training

The HR can schedule and manage the entire training calendar, specifying all the training session of each department.

Survey Questionnaire

After a particular training has been conducted, the attendees can give their feedback and rate the trainer as well as the effectiveness of the session.

Plan, manage, schedule, and assess regular training sessions on departmental and organizational levels.