Accurate Attendance Management

An Accurate Attendance Management
System That Works for You

Maintaining traditional time sheets without a real-time attendance tracking system is fraught with sacrifices. Real-time attendance management automates procedures and increases productivity.

Keep Track of Employee Attendance

Send Attendance Notifications

The Key is to Invest Time Rather Than Spend it

With ConfluxHR
Attendance Management System,
Everything is at Ease!

  • Increase Output and Incorporate Discipline
  • Use Adaptable & Immediate Attendance Capture
  • Make Attendance Policies Transparent and Consistent
  • Maintain 100% Statutory Compliance
  • Consolidate Shift Management
  • Enable Real-Time Attendance at Various Touchpoints
Attendance Management System

Gather Real-time Attendance From Multiple Touchpoints

ConfluxHR connects effortlessly with nearly every attendance device on the market, including Matrix and ESSL. ConfluxHR’s intelligent HRMS Platform adapts quickly to your business needs and pushes real-time attendance across devices.

There is no specific hardware required. However, you could opt for a bio-metric service integration for your office space, in case of non-existing systems.

On the other hand, attendance tracking via a web-based platform is possible through ConfluxHR. Attendance is recorded during self check-in by an employee.

Geo-location tagging assists in creating GPS-based geo-fenced sites from which you may track attendance. E.g., Your own offices, client offices, and so forth. Attendance marking outside of the zone may be prohibited.

Time is Money. Make Good Use of it.

Time and Attendance Software

ConfluxHR’s Adaptability
Gets You Up and Running in Only a Few Clicks!

Our attendance management solution provides organizations with the ability to tailor policies to their own needs. Thus, Attendance Policies must include criteria for lateness, absence, and overtime to measure time accurately.

  • Create several shifts with rotation, attendance exceptions, and weekend restrictions.
  • Work-hour computation methodology can be configured for fixed, flexi, or shift timings.
  • Configure attendance policies to account for absences, late arrivals, early departures, shortfalls, etc.
  • Enjoy comprehensive policy implementation capabilities

Allow ConfluxHR to Handle Your Attendance Processes!

Are You Concentrating on
Organizational Change Management?

Manual attendance monitoring and enforcement are a nightmare. Without lifting a finger, our software solution can constantly monitor any range of policy rules across different employee categories.

  • View Real-time Attendance Data
  • Scheduled Automatic Attendance Monitoring
  • Process Daily Attendance
  • Automatic Month-end Closing
  • Receive Notifications and Alerts
  • Shift Detection on the Fly
  • Integrated with Leave Management Module
Online Attendance Monitoring System

Automatically Compute Employee Attendance
Following Statutory Compliance.

Attendance Management System

Remove the need for human labor to maintain time-consuming attendance management following statutory compliance criteria. Just leave it to ConfluxHR.

  • Review & Record Attendance
  • Maintain the Attendance Register
  • Ensure Statutory Compliance Requirements
  • Generate Final Attendance

A Flexible Plan
That Grows With You

ConfluxHR enables you to manage your human resource more economically. Our Freemium Plan is equivalent to purchasing a premium package for start-ups, SMEs, and SMBs.

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Do You Wish to Know How ConfluxHR Can Help Streamline Your Business?

Make The Most of Automated Attendance Management Capabilities of ConfluxHR

Here you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to operate the Attendance Management Module.
For more details, Visit Our Brief Guide to efficient Attendance management; to further understand our Attendance management module.