Looking for Efficient
Human Resource Management?

Manual HRM and payroll processes are cumbersome, susceptible to error, and generate a significant amount of data clutter. You can eliminate the following errors with ConfluxHR:

  • Ghost Employee Fraud
  • Errors in Salary Calculation
  • Disruptions in Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Inaccuracy Due to Computational Errors
  • Heavy Penalties for Errors in Statutory Compliance

The ConfluxHR Freemium Plan is Equivalent to the Premium Plan.


Why Spend Money If
You Can Do It All For Free?

ConfluxHR’s ‘Freemium Modules’ enables you to do the following:

Automate All Payroll Operations

Automate Leave and Attendance Management

Automatically Generate ‘Professional Tax, PF and ESI Challan Sheets’

Single Click TDS Calculation

ConfluxHR’s Freemium Modules Include:

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Payroll Management

Sneak a Peek at Everything that ConfluxHR Has to offer:

Paperless Employee Onboarding

  • New Employees Can Fill Up Their Information (Bank Account Details, PAN Details, Contact Information, and others) On The ConfluxHR ESS Portal
  • Seamless Employee Management Post Onboarding
  • Automatic Employee Identity Card Generation

Attendance Management & Leave Policies

  • Automatically/Manually Record Employee Leaves (Sick Days, Vacations, etc), and Attendance
  • Define & Assign Leave Types, Duration and more…
  • Seamless Integration Possibilities

Calendar Sync

  • Seamlessly Synchronize Important Events and Payroll Deadlines to Your Organizational Calendar
  • List Any Important Event to Employee Calendars Seamlessly

Automatic Tax Calculations

  • Changing Tax Laws Are Kept in Track
  • Automatic Professional Tax Calculations and/or PF, ESI Challan Generation and so on

Single Click Payroll Generation

  • Accurate Payroll Computation
  • Generate Your Payroll As Many Times As You’d Need

One Click Salary Register Generation

  • Generate and Download Monthly Salary Register With Just One Click.
  • Assess Payroll History, Tax Payments and So on…
  • Compare and View Salary Register As Per Convenience

Paperless Payslip Generation

  • Save Trees by Going Digital With Digital Payslip Generation
  • Generate & Access Automated Digital Payslips With Just a Few Clicks

Struggling to Get Your Startup or Small Business Off The Ground?

“ConfluxHR Enables You to Operate your business more effectively.
For start-ups, SMEs, and SMBs, the freemium plan is equivalent to having a premium plan.”


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