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    HR Tasks Slowing You Down?
    Our HR Software Freemium Speeds Things Up!

    Experience faster HR management with the best HRMS software in India; with the following feature:

    • One Click Payroll Calculation
    • Geofence Attendance
    • Leave & Attendance Management
    • Shift Scheduling and more..

    The ConfluxHR Freemium Plan is Equivalent to the Premium Plan.

    HRMS & Payroll SoftwareThat Works!

    Attendance Management

    • Shift Scheduling
    • Geofence Attendance
    • Attendance Regularization

    Leave Management

    • Automatic Leave Deductions
    • Customized Leave Policies
    • Simplified Leave Approvals

    Payroll Management

    • One Click Payroll Calculation
    • Integrated Leave & Attendance Data
    • Employee Self Service

    Sneak a Peek at Everything that ConfluxHR Has to offer:

    Paperless Employee Onboarding

    • New Employees Can Fill Up Their Information (Bank Account Details, PAN Details, Contact Information, and others) On The ConfluxHR ESS Portal
    • Seamless Employee Management Post Onboarding
    • Automatic Employee Identity Card Generation

    Attendance Management & Leave Policies

    • Automatically/Manually Record Employee Leaves (Sick Days, Vacations, etc), and Attendance
    • Define & Assign Leave Types, Duration and more…
    • Seamless Integration Possibilities

    Calendar Sync

    • Seamlessly Synchronize Important Events and Payroll Deadlines to Your Organizational Calendar
    • List Any Important Event to Employee Calendars Seamlessly

    Automatic Tax Calculations

    • Changing Tax Laws Are Kept in Track
    • Automatic Professional Tax Calculations and/or PF, ESI Challan Generation and so on

    Single Click Payroll Generation

    • Accurate Payroll Computation
    • Generate Your Payroll As Many Times As You’d Need

    One Click Salary Register Generation

    • Generate and Download Monthly Salary Register With Just One Click.
    • Assess Payroll History, Tax Payments and So on…
    • Compare and View Salary Register As Per Convenience

    Paperless Payslip Generation

    • Save Trees by Going Digital With Digital Payslip Generation
    • Generate & Access Automated Digital Payslips With Just a Few Clicks

    Struggling to Get Your Startup or Small Business Off The Ground?

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    For start-ups, SMEs, and SMBs, the freemium plan is equivalent to having a premium plan.”

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