maternity benefits act

Maternity Benefits Act

An Act to streamline women’s employment in certain establishments during specific periods before and after childbirth, as well as to provide maternity benefits and other advantages.

Employees must send this declaration to the employer, informing them of the tentative delivery date and nominee details. 

ECR stands for Electronic Challan Cum Return. Employers must upload this monthly return through a unified portal. The return must have the basic details of employees, their wages and contributions for new and existing members. The challan generation will be followed by the approval of uploaded ECR. Hereafter, the employer has to remit the dues in the particular designated branch of SBI.

The month of ECR relieves the employers from manual return filing both annually and monthly. There is no need of filing forms 5/10/12A, 3A, and 6A.

ECR upload with remitted challans in EPFO application will result in updating the member balances monthly.

Smart Tip: Smart HRs automate the ECR challan sheet generation with ConfluxHR. You can fetch the ECR file right away when you upload the ECR Challan sheet to the EPFO unified portal.

Employers must keep a registry with detailed information on female employees on maternity leave.

This shall cover employee particulars such as joining, service particulars, delivery particulars, and paid maternity benefits. When the Inspector demands it, the employee must produce it.

Suppose an employee wishes to file a maternity appeal. In that case, the request must be made in writing and either handed over in person or mailed to the Competent Authority in the format specified.

When an appeal is received, the Competent Authority shall provide a copy of the memorandum of appeal to the employer, request his response, and request that he supply documentation related to the matter of the appeal by a specific date.

If an employee has a complaint, it must be written to the Inspector in the specified format.

When an Inspector receives a complaint, he shall examine the relevant records kept by the employer in this regard, examine any person employed and take necessary statements for the investigation, and if he is happy and content that the maternity benefit or the amount has been improperly withheld, he shall guide the employer to provide the payment to the woman, instantaneously or within a defined duration. v

If the employee’s nominee has a complaint, it must be made in writing to the Inspector in the format specified.

When an inspector receives a complaint, he is required to investigate any employees and obtain any necessary statements for the investigation. He is also required to review the pertinent records held by the business in this respect. Let’s say he determines that the maternity benefit or the sum was unjustly withheld. In that situation, he must instruct the employer to give the money to the person requesting compensation right away or within a certain time frame.

On or before the due date, the employer must submit the Annual Return, which comprises three forms.

The form should be presented to the employer by the claimed employee to claim the maternity benefit.

The form that the claimed employee must give the employer.

The form that the claimed employee must give the employer.

  • It covers the entire country of India.
  • Mines, factories, plantations, shops, and commercial establishments are all affected.
  • For a woman hired for wages in any place, whether directly or through any agency.

Maternity Benefits Act

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