While talking about the maternity journey and the work, we are not trying to bring men down. The pressure of being a parent is a tough journey, irrespective of gender aspect. However, mothers’ journey is more of a physical one and coping with the work while balancing motherhood requires a lot of support.

We, as a society, have started appreciating working moms. This itself is an indicator of the progress that we have been able to make so far. However, how much do we contribute to this progress? A maternity leave policy is one such appreciable move.

Attributes of Mom-Friendly Work Environment

Adhering to the rules led down by the government, organizations strictly follow the maternity leave policies. However, there are several other ways companies can support new moms to become accustomed to the truckloads of changes in their lives.

Strong maternity leave programs

Strong maternity leave programs help mothers take care of themselves and build loyalty for the company. Maternity leave rules in India for private companies are there to support working moms. It allows moms to adjust to the sudden change in their lives and take things at their pace.

Allowing utmost flexibility to the employee

Being a mom and working a full-time job is not a cakewalk. One can only tackle both if organizations allow flexible working hours. It need not be a documented process, but it’s that tiny bit that an organization can do to support working moms.

Childcare benefits to the employees

Childcare benefits can bring a huge impact on employees in both emotional and financial ways. Childcare perks reduce new moms’ strain on the child’s overall well-being.

Celebration of the achievement

Organizations must celebrate the achievements of new parents right from the birth of a child. A small cake-cutting gathering in the workplace cheers up the employees’ zeal.

Making the environment accommodable

New moms might find it difficult to accommodate workplaces. Organizations must try to make the environment comfortable and adjustable for new moms so that they can give their best shots.

Final Words

That’s how you can make a working mother feel cared for and comforted at the workplace. Striking the right balance while juggling motherhood and full-time work can sometimes get into nerves. However, a little support from the workplace can make a world of difference in the confidence of new working mothers.

All the above listed ways can uplift the spirits of new mothers. Moreover, a great leave management system can make the leaves way more trackable for the HRs.

So, how can your organization support motherhood?

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