It wasn’t long when HRs used to have a miserable work life. Imagine managing all resources at work, all their queries, addressing their issues, and maintaining sanity. However, the modern HR scenario has drastically changed! Let us find out how the self-service feature in employee management software has contributed to the change.

Kudos to HRs for handling everything and beyond that cannot be defined by the KRAs. However, the new-age corporate world has made things convenient for HRs. Businesses now streamline their human resource management approach by leveraging the latest technology.

The self-service feature has been one of the most praise-worthy features of HRMS solutions. It has empowered employees reasonably and added to the agility of business operations. Let us find out more about the pros of self-service portals.

Benefits of Self-Service Portals

Self-service portals are great value adders to internal operations. They save time, increase transparency, and do many good things for the system. Let us dig into the details of the benefits of the feature-

Update Your Info:

HRs have a tough time updating the information of new joiners in the portal. With the self-service feature, every employee gets the power to upload their personal information.

Apply for Leaves

You can apply for leaves yourself. Hence, you get rid of the hassle of manually typing a leave application, putting the concerned managers and HRs in your CC, and, most importantly, waiting for a response.

Be Updated With the Newsroom Notice Board.

When you have a self-service portal, you are always in the loop with the latest update. Work-related details, disciplinary updates, and other information are always available to you briefly.

Gain All-time Access to Information

The self-service features allow employees to get information through the employee management portal. From the goals and KRAs to the number of leaves in the buckets, information is readily available for HRs.

Remote Work Becomes Easier.

The feature helps both HRs and employees in the case of remote work. Employees can escape the hassle of reaching out to HRs with every drop of a hat for information, whereas the HRs are also relieved from the non-stop pour of questions.

The Way Forward

Self-service Portals can redefine your workplace with a few advantages. Hence, incorporate employee management software with the feature to experience the best results. When you look forward to settling for an HRMS, you must look for a self-service feature to make the best out of every penny you spend.

Let us know your experiences with the self-service portals in the comment section below!

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