For some correctional personnel, a payroll officer, and some firms a communicator, HRs are perceived as several other resources but HRs. Ask any HR what’s the most challenging part of the job, and the answer will be somewhat around the myths about HR’s contributions!

As we head to the modern corporate landscape, we realize the value of an HR’s contributions. They are the making and breaking factors for an organization. From employee engagement to employee productivity, they optimize businesses in every possible way. Indeed, we do not know much about HRs and what a day in an HR’s life looks like!

However, you have landed at a place that will enlighten you about his role in business transmission.

Do HRs hire and fire?

Well, yes, they do! The crucial duty of an HR is to manage human resources and optimize the business’s productivity. Therefore, it is a part of their job to evaluate employees’ productivity and take measures to optimize them for the best profitability of the organization.

But if you ask me where it is their only job, then the answer will be a NO. They are responsible for several strategic aspects of resource management, like employee engagement, performance evaluation, learning, development, etc.

How can HRs contribute to business transmission?

If you want your human resources to align with your business, you need a responsible HR who knows her job well. Why? Simply because HRs can optimize workforce productivity with a few strategic moves.

From employee upskilling to accurate performance evaluation, they can bring a world of difference to your business process. After all, we always bet on human resources, and human resource managers have a significant role in managing them.

Human Resource Management Challenges

HRs are meant for more strategic functions than being stuck in unproductive piles of paperwork. Most organizations confine their HRs to paperwork, payroll processing, and leave and attendance management, which can be easily automated by leveraging the latest technology.

However, it is ultimately a company’s call to utilize the HR wing for transmission or get the paperwork out of their way!

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