Looking forward to manage TDS with similar accuracy but this time in a very less time?

ConfluxHR brings you the most promising solution leveraging the latest technology that helps generate payrolls and deal with TDS & other statutory compliances in a jiffy!

ConfluxHR synergizes three wings to get the information flowing and minimizes the dependency on several people for the data. So, why not switch to this win-win deal that won’t fail you even if you have innumerable clients onboard? Be it TDS Calculation, payroll generation or HR compliance management, you have an agile solution to meet the needful!

Why ConfluxHR for statutory compliance?

You might be looking for reasons to become a smart CA with ConfluxHR. But hey, the following pointers would change your mind, so be careful while running through them!

1. An automated solution for TDS, PF, PT, ESI and Payroll

Get away from the hassle of feeding details, calculating TDS, and manually choosing tax slabs for TDS when you can do it all with a single click using ConfluxHR.


2. Easy statutory compliance management

With ConfluxHR, you can generate challan of TDC, PF & ESI and calculate professional tax with no hassle. Additionally, you can do it all at a go while you generate Payroll every month. Isn’t that interesting?

3. Synergized solution binding various wings of HR Management

You do not have to wait for attendance and leave information when you can track them all using ConfluxHR. The Payroll module of the software works in sync with the attendance and leave module and automates the system.


4. Negates every little chance of mistakes

We know that accuracy is one of the most valuable components of your business, and ConfluxHR ensures the utmost accuracy in Payroll generation.

5. Makes your business scalable

ConfluxHR ensures that onboarding clients bring you happiness rather than stress. Within a fraction of second, you can generate the Payrolls, ultimately empowering you with extra time to take up more work.


A winning Payroll system must be agile, convenient, and absolutely less time-consuming and ConfluxHr has brought it all to you with its budget-friendly Payroll module!


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