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1 payroll = 10 mins

100 payroll = 1000 mins (16 working hours)

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50 clients = 800 working hours (1 month)

With ConfluxHR,
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Shouldering Payroll Management, one of the essential business operations of various firms, you might have understood the value of accuracy. A penny brings about a shift in the trustworthiness of an entity when it comes to payroll.

ConfluxHR brings you the most promising solution leveraging the latest technology that helps generate payrolls, PF, ESI, Professional Tax & Challan with a single click in a jiffy!

Excellence is not a number, but accuracy is!

ConfluxHR believes that a seamless payroll process is a mere experience, and accuracy is one of the crucial aspects of the same. Our automated payroll module can save multiple working hours and help you deliver timely payroll reports to your clients with utmost accuracy.

A step ahead for an ever-growing client base

We empower you with the best cloud-integrated payroll processing solution to make your business scalable and keep catering to an ever-growing client base. We reduce your manual working hours and boost productivity, ultimately optimizing your business.

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We love seeing our clients grow relentlessly and look forward to making every little contribution we can make for the same. We extend an exclusive module for CAs and Payroll Partners to meet their business needs and take it several notches up.

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