An HR Strategy Can Make or Break Your Business

Over the last two decades, the globalization of individual enterprises and capital markets has altered the corporate landscape. Many companies have expanded their activities worldwide.  They are doing this in response to the global competition. 

At the same time, global financial markets are putting pressure on corporations to innovate and cut costs. These changes pressure businesses to manage their assets as efficiently as possible, particularly their human assets.

Getting Down to Specifics

Strategic Human Resource Planning refers to a set of human resource practices. These practices aim to achieve the best employee performance possible to satisfy the firm’s overall goals.

HR strategy stresses the system of HR practices. The wide range of activities matters regarding employee performance, individual assessment, recruiting, or interview tactics, for example. 

It’s also vital to note that a HR plan works best when tailored to a certain job or collection of tasks. Few companies treat their clerical employees the same way they treat their senior executives. Each group is recruited differently and chosen based on different criteria. The also attend separate training programs and are compensated differently.

Finally, the finest HR strategies always focus on bringing the best out of workers. 

Typically, this entails requiring employees to:

  • Have something ready (Skills, Competencies, Abilities).
  • Experience something (Commitment, Engagement, Motivation).
  • Take action (Arrive, Be Productive, Serve Customers).

You will receive the best employee performance if your HR processes are properly established and implemented. Having everything in line will resonate best with the overall company performance.

Creating Your Own Human Resources Strategy 

Creating a Successful HR Plan necessitates these 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Research Your Industry
  • Step 2: Recognize Your Value Chain
  • Step 3: Identify Your Critical Processes
  • Step 4: Determine Your Key Personnel
  • Step 5: Create an HR Strategy


There is no doubt that the HR strategy you implement should enable your organization’s employees to contribute to the greatest extent feasible while also improving the bottom line. By assisting employees in improving their skills, attitudes, and behavior and decreasing turnover, you are assisting your firm in meeting its ultimate goals, which include productivity, quality, and customer pleasure.

The many HR strategies from which to choose can also be viewed as workforce management philosophies. As an HR professional, you may translate these concepts into specific policies and practices to develop the necessary abilities, elicit the necessary behaviors, and attain the desired outcomes for your company’s specific business plan.

Of course, what is appropriate for one organization may not be appropriate for another. However, if you can develop a cohesive HR strategy, you will be able to demonstrate how strategic human resource planning can offer value to your company in this changing global environment.

A robust digital HRMS platform is all you need to excel at HR strategy formulation.

ConfluxHR’s comprehensive HR management platform opens up unprecedented possibilities. An organization can use the HRMS platform to recruit, onboard, and manage employee leave procedures. The Platform also helps the business to manage payroll and attendance in an efficient and error-free manner. Furthermore, the performance management feature helps ensure that your personnel are constantly upskilled!

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Appreciate Your HR Department on the HR Professional Day 2022

Working in human resources can be challenging. All of the critical duties that the HR department performs contribute to the business’s continued success. While some people dislike the HR department, it is critical and necessary. They are sometimes underappreciated for their efforts.

Human Resource Professional Day is dedicated to a day in the life of an HR professional. It aims to change people’s perspectives toward the HR department. It intends to teach them why their job is important to any business.

Things You Can Do to Appreciate Your HR Department

HR Professional Day is a fantastic opportunity to express your genuine gratitude to your HR department. The misconception that workers are the only ones who require participation is fading. Employee engagement is one of the goals of HR department; it is also essential for the department itself.

HR Professional Day is an excellent opportunity to establish a recognition program.

Individuals are compelled to appreciate their peers frequently and sincerely when they receive complete recognition.

Everyone in this hybrid setting, including your HR team, wants to be recognized for the job they accomplish daily. Using this day to build employee resilience and mental health benefits any firm.

It reduces employee burnout and impacts long-term job satisfaction and motivation.

Here are a few things you can do without thanking your human resources department.

  • Recognize and Thank Your Human Resources Department
  • Social media can be used to celebrate the HR professional day (For example, you can use the hashtag #HRProfessionalDay to alert your contacts and followers that you are commemorating this day.)
  • Allow for an unexpected day off (Your employees may use the extra time to focus on their health, spend time with family, or relax away from the “company.”)
  • Make your HR team’s taste buds pleased (after all, who doesn’t like a free lunch?).
  • Create a reward system.
  • Employees can be endorsed on LinkedIn.
  • Create a virtual hall of fame.

The Way Forward

Apart from a traditional strategy, if you want to make a long-term difference in your HR department, you must invest in the best HR platforms that manage your business’s core HR processes. It will improve the HR department’s efficiency and agility in their daily work.

It can automate all of the essential goals of HR department, saving your firm over 5000 business hours. It allows the HR department to make error-free decisions. The human resources department already has a lot on hand. ConfluxHR, on the other hand, can handle all of its problems.

ConlfuxHR is a one-stop shop for all HR issues, ranging from error-free payroll management and managing onboarding processes to exit procedures.

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Is Moonlighting Clear Cheating? An Ultimate Way Forward!

We are so well acquainted with people working in the IT sector and having their share of side hustles. It doesn’t even seem debatable. As if it was always like that, and there is no big deal about it. However, the giants of the IT sector do not seem to be cordial about it!

It was just a tweet by the Chairperson of Wipro, Rishad Premji, and the debate caught fire. Sparked off by the tweet, the news channels also brought panels and encouraged open discussion on the same. Here is a glimpse of the tweet that fired an intense discussion and highlighted varied opinions.

The years of the pandemic have led to rising concerns about employee health. Hence, the IT sectors have been walking on the edge of adapting to the remote working culture.

According to Gartner, 30% of the Indian workforce will work remotely by the end of 2022. While there is a substantial encouragement for remote work culture in the corporate landscape, it also leads to various repercussions.

The debate might go on forever but let us bring you various perspectives of looking at the debate!

The rising concern of IT Employers!

As per the employers, it is simple. Hiring employees to work for their organization is not just defined by the working hours. It constitutes ideologies, ideas, and implementation. The erosion of valuable information is the constant fear of employers.

However, Sidharth Rawat, the co-founder of Exly, has recently expressed his opinions on a creative platform.

He said, “In my opinion, people who moonlight are awesome managers. Freelancing is not for everyone. It is just for a section of employees who can outperform for others and juggle more work.”

Besides that, the burnt-out employees take up external work and hamper the workflow in the organization with their unproductivity.

Hence, the real reluctance boils down to two or three pointers on fingertips- unproductivity, erosion of valuable data and clash of interest.

Trust breaches and lack of ethics in employees often lead to the greatest disaster within an organization!

The unsatiated quest for growth for IT employees!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say- Gen Z employees are greedy for growth. They are ever-evolving and unsatisfied and always look forward to upgrading themselves in every possible way. Undeniably, they are the change makers, the revolutionizers and pace setters!

The employees want to make the best use of their potential without hampering the work ethics in the full-time workplace. With an additional room to figure out new career possibilities, employees also get some additional income that aids them in upgrading their lifestyle as per their vision.

They believe that exercising their possibilities is no offence to any organization. Anyways, it is profitable if employees handle dual employment without being unproductive.

Dual lives and both equally larger than life! 

The legal aspect!

Section 60 of the Factories Act does not allow workers to be employed in two factories. However, the act does not cover the IT professionals and people working in administrative functions. All the laws in the act are meant for workers, not employees in the IT profession.

Moonlighting is not cheating as per the law, and the employer cannot take legal action against the act.

The Way Forward!

As an employer, you can only focus on arranging and conducting training sessions on what gigs employees can choose for two-timing. They must understand that the conflict of interest between their employers can put them in a legal hustle. Above all, employers can also focus on employee engagement which is ultimately the way forward to solve most of it.

As an employee, you must have business ethics and draw your lines per your second gig. It is better not to work simultaneously for both gigs with the same conflict of interest. Above all, you must choose to juggle external tasks only if you are a great multitasker.

After all, it is simply not fair to be less productive for your primary employer!


10 Most Common Challenges HRs face in 2022

The global HR Management scenario is coming up with ways to intrigue its employees for the coming year. Disruptive breakthroughs, new business models and radical thinking significantly impact the organization. Marketing is getting highly competitive, and good resources have ample opportunities. In such cases, heightening job satisfaction and fostering a great working environment is one of the most critical HR Challenges in 2022.

Latest HR Challenges

The corporate world’s evolution has brought ample new HR challenges for the HR wings. Managing the employees is no more about imposing disciplinary compliances on the organization. It is way beyond just policing employees. HR Management focuses on fostering a productive work environment, ensuring employee satisfaction, creating valuable opportunities for employees etc. Let us run through a few challenges of HR wings 2022.

1.   Prioritizing Employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Employees’ mental health and well-being are essential aspects of the corporate world. Since the difference between personal and professional life is blurring out with time, employees’ mental health is no longer the buzzword. A significant HR challenge is prioritizing human emotions at the workplace and keeping discipline intact.

2.    Embedding Accountability in Employees:

Accountable employees are assets of an organization. HR strives hard to embed a sense of accountability within the employees, rising in lockstep. Creating performance standards and weekly goals and using valuable key performance indicators. A flawless performance management and analysis system are great for teaching accountability to employees.

3.    Adapting To A Hybrid Working Model:

The hybrid working model is the future of the corporate world. Research has constantly shown how this model helps in achieving complete employee satisfaction. This working model allows the employees to split their work time up in the whole day per their choice. Hence, employees have no fixed work time under the hybrid working model.

4.    Automating The Unproductive Tasks:

Getting rid of the unproductive task is one of the primary challenges for HRs. Technology has been a boon for employees as it helps automate unproductive tasks and allows HRs to focus on crucial parts of their function. However, Conflux HR is one of the most effective HRMS software.

5.    Mapping Out Positive Change Management:

The change capability of an organization depends on the HR wing. HR leaders face many difficulties in mapping out the change. Moreover, transition at the workplace is often difficult for workers to accustom and HRs play an instrumental role in fostering positive feelings about the changes.

6.    Implementing Green Work Engagement:

A socially responsible workplace is the need of the hour. HR leaders are striving hard to reinforce a green workplace, including training on limited electricity, water, etc.

7.    Achieving A Diverse Yet Inclusive Work Environment:

HR leaders are mapping out ways to make their work extremely welcoming for all community employees. Diversity in gender, cast, creed, colour, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. should not interfere with the work process.

8.    Ensuring Productivity In Remote Work:

The post-covid corporate landscape has found ways with remote work in some way or the other. Hence, one of the most common HR challenges in 2022 is ensuring the best productivity in remote work.

9.    Grooming And Training Employees:

Learning and development are the only way an organization can grow exponentially. HR leaders are engaging employees in upskilling programs to level up the productivity of an employee several notches up.

10.  Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is also one of the popular HR challenges in 2022. Positioning the right fit through a proper interview process is one of the primary concerns of the human resource wing.

Final Words:

These modern-day challenges commonly come in the way of human resource leaders. However, these are not all because HR is a multi-dimensional job. Different organizations face varying challenges. Despite all these challenges, it won’t be wrong to say that our HR leaders are ahead of them. Above all, they are redefining workplace comfort and productivity with contemporary approaches.